Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get into the house?
There is a keypad on the door. When you register with us and make your booking, the confirmation email sent automatically from our booking system will include the House Door code for the period when you will be staying. When you get to the house just use the PIN to gain entry.

If you have forgotten the PIN entry code, just login to the booking system, and view the PIN alongside your booking by clicking on the link 'To cancel or view a booking' at the top of the calendar.

Note: if your visit corresponds with a PIN changover, then you may receive two PIN codes.

I didn't get my confirmation email?
Sometimes you may not get your confirmation email for a short while after booking, if this does happen please check your spam software to make sure the email has not been placed into your Junk e-mail folder. If you login, you can see if you are actually booked in by viewing your bookings via the 'Cancel/View booking' link.
Another reason may be because you may have miss-spelled your email address when you registered - please make sure this is correct when you complete your details.

How do I get into my room?
The key will be in the door of the room you have been allocated. Keep this with you while you stay and leave it in the door on the outside when you leave. The doors lock from the inside for your security.

Where do we find spare towels if there are two people staying in the room?
There are spare towels in both bathrooms in a basket, downstairs and in the chest of drawers in the upstair bathroom.

How do I book if I am on stand-by?
If you are on stand-by just book as many nights as you need and if you need to cancel at short notice just cancel online before 12 noon and someone else can move into your space from our waiting list. If you have no time to cancel online call or text the contact numbers. We will have to charge if you do not call us before 12.

How do I get to Cranebank?
There are free buses to and from Cranebank, these are the BA1 on week days and the BA5 on weekends. You can find timetables on ESS under staff shuttles and there is also a timetable on the notice board in the house.

Is there anywhere to park?
You can park on the driveway but please do not block our neighbours garage. We have parking for 3 cars, parked side by side on the grass.You can park for free on the street on the weekends and at certain times of the day but please check the parking notices on the street for timings.

If I am staying more than one night can I get clean towels?
Just leave this sign hanging on your door and the cleaners will leave clean towels out for you when they come.

What’s for breakfast?
In the kitchen we have cereals and bread in the freezer. Milk and juice. If you need milk for your tea in the room there is a jug in each room and you can get milk from the fridge in the kitchen. If you bring your own food and want to leave it in the fridge. Please label it With your room number as we will not be responsible if it goes missing.

Where is the DVD library?
It is in the hallway on the bottom shelf of the shelving unit.

Where can I buy food?
There is a small shop around the corner which offers BA discount on presentation of your ID card. There is a small supermarket in Harmondsworth village, about a 10 minute walk and there is a large supermarket is West Drayton which is on the same route as the 350/U3, about 10 minutes on the bus.

Do you have a 'Lost Property' facility?
If you leave something in the house, please email us and we will let you know where we keep all items which have been left behind.

Can I get my uniform shirts washed?
We can provide a laundry service for uniform shirts only. If you leave the shirts on your bed with a note for the cleaner and she will wash and iron them during the day and have them back for you in the afternoon. We charge a small fee of 1.50 per shirt.


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